IAEA gives several awards to recognize excellence in empirical research on aesthetics and creativity:

The Gustav Theodor Fechner Award for Outstanding Contributions to Empirical Aesthetics
The Margaret Floy Washburn Award for Outstanding Contribution to Empirical Aesthetics by a Mid-Career Scientist
The Alexander Gottlieb Baumgarten Award for Outstanding Contributions of Young Scientists
The Robert Francès Award for Most Outstanding Student Research Contribution

These awards honor Fechner, Washburn, Francis, and Baumgarten as much as they honor the recipients of the awards.

German philosopher and psychologist Gustav Theodor Fechner (1811-1887) founded experimental psychology with his work on psychophysics in the 1860s. With the publication of Vorschule der Aesthetik (Preschool of Aesthetics) in 1876, he initiated the domain of experimental aesthetics.
Margaret Floy Washburn was the first woman to earn a doctoral degree in American psychology in 1894, and the second woman to serve as APA's (American Psychological Association) President. Her main research interests involved animal behaviour, sensation and perception. Her contributions to empirical aesthetics included studies of individual differences in the strength of aesthetic pleasure, a test of aesthetic judgment, and research on factors that influence the pleasingness of colours.
German philosopher Alexander Gottlieb Baumgarten (1714-1762) first used the term "aesthetics" in its modern sense in 1750, thereby giving a name to large areas of study within philosophy and scientific psychology.
French experimental psychologist Robert Francès (1919-2012) was one of the founders of IAEA in 1965. His research focused on psychology of aesthetics and psychology of music.
Hans Jürgen Eysenck 1996
Robert Francès 1998
Colin Martindale 2000
Pavel Machotka 2002
Diana Deutsch 2008
Paul Locher 2012
Lisa F. Smith 2014
Jeffrey K. Smith 2016
Gerald C. Cupchik 2018
Chris McManus 2021
Helmut Leder 2024
Marcos Nadal 2024
Andras Farkas 2002
Helmut Leder
Thomas Jacobsen 2008
Aaron Kozbelt
Marcos Nadal 2014
Martin Tröndle
Matthew Pelowski 2016
Pablo Tinio
Beatriz Calvo-Merino 2018
Rebecca Chamberlain 2022
Nicole Ruta & Eva Specker 2024
Robert Francès Award
Shih-Ting Huang 2010
Benjamin van Buren
Yi-wan Lu 2012
Francesco Walker 2016
Paul Elvers
Michelle Oraa Ali
Sir-Francis-Galton-Award (discontinued in 2023)
Dean Keith Simonton 1996
Hans Jürgen Eysenck 1998
Ravenna Helson 2000
Nathan Kogan 2002
Robert Sternberg 2008


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