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IAEA Awards

The Gustav Theodor Fechner Award for Outstanding Contributions to Empirical Aesthetics, the Sir Francis Galton Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Study of Creativity and the Alexander-Gottlieb-Baumgarten Award for Outstanding Contributions of Young Scientists are presented every two years.

Gustav Theodor FechnerGustav Theodor Fechner founded experimental psychology with his work on psychophysics in the 1860s. With his publication of Vorschule der Aesthetik (Pre-School of Aesthetics) in 1876, he founded experimental aesthetics and made it the second oldest branch of experimental psychology.

Sir Francis GaltonSir Francis Galton, with his Studies of Hereditary Genius, began the scientific study of creativity.

AestheticaThe German philosopher Alexander Gottlieb Baumgarten (1714-1762) coined the term aesthetics thereby giving the name to the whole field. This award was given for the first time in Takarazuka, Japan 2002.

These awards honor Fechner, Galton, and Baumgarten as much as they honor the recipients of the awards.

Hans JŘrgen Eysenck (1996)
Robert FrancÚs (1998)
Colin Martindale (2000)
Pavel Machotka (2002)
Diana Deutsch (2008)
Dean Keith Simonton (1996)
Hans JŘrgen Eysenck (1998)
Ravenna Helson (2000)
Nathan Kogan (2002)
Robert Sternberg (2008)
Andras Farkas (2002)
Helmut Leder (2002)
Thomas Jacobsen (2008)
Aron Kozbelt (2008)
Rudolf Arnheim (U.S.A.)
Frank Barron (U.S.A.)
Frans Boselie (The Netherlands)
Irvin Child (U.S.A.)
Gerald Cupchik (Canada)
Leonid Dorfman (Russia)
Robert FrancÚs (France)
Alf Gabrielsson (Sweden)
Anna-Maria Giannini (Italy)
Sir Ernst Hans Gombrich (England)
Hana Gottesdiener (France)
Laszlo Halasz (Hungary)
Paul Hekkert (The Netherlands)
Holger H÷ge (Germany)
Robert Hogenraad (Belgium)
Norman Holland (U.S.A.)
Diane Humphrey (Canada)
John Kennedy (Canada)
Nathan Kogan (U.S.A.)
Martin Krampen (Germany)
Don Kuiken (Canada)
Helmut Leder (Germany)
Paul Locher (U.S.A.)
Pavel Machotka (U.S.A.)
John McLaughlin (U.S.A.)
David Miall (Canada)
Colin Martindale (U.S.A.)
Chris McManus (United Kingdom)
Willie van Peer (Belgium)
Vladimir Petrov (Russia)
Kees van Rees (The Netherlands)
George K. Shortess (U.S.A.)
Dean Keith Simonton (U.S.A.)
John Sloboda (England)
Robert Sternberg (U.S.A.)
Elbert Temme (The Netherlands)
Ellen Winner (U.S.A.)
Andrew Winston (U.S.A.)