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About IAEA

The International Association of Empirical Aesthetics (IAEA) was founded as a union of psychologists who investigate the underlying factors that contribute to an aesthetic experience, as well as aesthetic behaviors, using scientific methods. Currently we have members in 20 countries. Although the majority of members are psychologists, our membership includes sociologists, musicologists, philosophers, and researchers who specialize in the study of painting, sculpture, literature, film, museum visitor behavior, and so forth.
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23nd Biennial Congress of IAEA
New York, August 22-24, 2014.
Hunter College of the City University of New York,
Manhattan (68th St and Lexington Avenue)

Empirical Studies of the Arts 2013 VOL2
G. B. Roege and K. H. Kim:
Why We Need Arts Education

J. Ostrofsky, A. Kozbelt, D. D. Kurylo:

Perceptual Grouping in Artists
and Non-Artists:
A Psychophysical Comparison

J. W. Mullennix, L. R. Foytik, C. H. Chan,
B. R. Dragun, M. Maloney, L. Polaski:

Automaticity and the
Processing of Artistic Photographs

F. Haanstra, M.-L. Damen, M. Van Hoorn:

Interestingness and Pleasingness of Drawings
from Different Age and Expertise Groups

D. E. Lundy, B. C. Barker, A. J. Glenn:

The Role of Aesthetic Preferences
Similarity in Attraction

S. Altmann:

Right and Left in Art: The Annunciation

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